From Shakespeare to Damien Hirst, the skull has held a special allure for creatives. Rock stars and Hip Hop artists love their bones too.  Worn as jewellery they symbolise our collective mortality, a reminder to live each moment to the full. We must be present to experience La Petite Mort, or “the little death”, that suspended moment in ecstatic time after orgasm.

In honour of the mysteries of sex and death, we’ve found some bewitching local artists who want to help us ponder the dark side in a new light. Their work aims to give us, if not that sublime moment of ecstasy, then at least something to think about.

Sofia Fitzpatrick is a white hot Paddington artist whose jewels for both men and women have been featured in publications like Rolling Stone and Rock Star Chic and we’re excited to have them centre stage in our next show Jewels to Die For opening Wednesday March 25.

Joining Sofia is Zuzy Noy, an underground master of magic metal. You wont find him on social media just yet but watch this space because we’re bringing him out of his basement and onto Queen Street with a collection of over 60 pieces of gothic beauty.

We also have some lust-worthy work by the brilliant Queensland jeweller Barbara Heath alongside a selection of antique carved jet and French jet mourning jewellery from our Mothership Anne Schofield Antiques.

So get out your black fascinators and join us to honour the dearly departed.