Earrings made of hair plaited in the shape of a dove, elaborate Victorian  jet parures, Georgian rings with miniature skeletons carved into crystal coffins – they’re all memento mouris, treasures to remember a loved one who has passed.

These fascinating jewels have always held a sacred spot at Anne Schofield Antiques and we’re thrilled to be hosting Anne for a special talk on on the subject.

Anne’s fascination with Mourning Jewels goes back to the first time she came across a locket with a lock of of hair perfectly preserved behind crystal. Even today, she is asked to help seal locks of hair into antique lockets for clients wishing to commemorate a cherished life with a unique jewel.

In  the last of our events for Jewels to Die For, Anne will give her presentation about the origins and evolution of mourning jewellery.  She will speak in the foyer of the 150 year old building where her legendary shop has traded for 50 years and will be surrounded by a collection of specially curated works from the current Leonard Joel Auctions collection so we hope you can join us for this most solemn and atmospheric event.

Mourning Jewellery – a presentation by Anne Schofield
2pm, Saturday July 11, 2020
Jewels On Queen
40 Queen Street, Woollahra
RSVP: jewels@jewelsonqueen.com