Anne Schofield on Mourning 

Earrings made of hair plaited in the shape of a dove, elaborate Victorian  jet parures, Georgian rings with miniature skeletons carved into crystal coffins - they're all memento mouris, treasures to remember a loved one who has passed. These fascinating jewels have always held a sacred spot at Anne Schofield Antiques and we're thrilled to be hosting Anne for a special talk on on the subject. Anne's fascination with Mourning Jewels goes back to the first time she came across a locket with a lock of of hair perfectly preserved behind crystal. Even today, she is asked to help seal locks of [...]


The Snow Queen Cometh

We're celebrating the Big Chill with an ice cool range of jewels by Zuzy Noy, an Israeli-born Sydney based 'outsider' artist. The collection is currently starring in our shop window alongside Gretel Killeen's self -portrait 'Coming Out Of Covid Isolation'. Gretel has been painting in isolation and was inspired by our wintery theme to step out from behind her easel and share her vision of emergence with us. It's the perfect foil for Zuzy's quirky work which at times has an epic quality, as if forged for mythical royalty. Zuzy etches many of his jewels with imaginary calligraphy, often using enamel [...]


Barbara Heath’s Cabinet of Curiosities

We had a fabulous online chat with Barbara Heath in which we learned that texture is her superpower. She talked about her early days as an apprentice to the Hungarian diamond jeweller Lazlo Puzsar in Melbourne and showed us some bizarre treasures from her cabinet of curiosities including a brooch made from a snake's jawbone! We were joined by people from as far away as Bourke and Rotterdam who asked questions about everything from Barbara's "jewellery for buildings" to the transformed butchers block she uses to hammer metal on. You can see an edited version here. Barbara studied contemporary jewellery at [...]


Sofia Talks Skulls

What's the obsession with skulls? What messages do they hold? How can jewels protect us in these dark and doomy days? All these questions and more were explored with Sofia Fitzpatrick 6pm Friday April 3 when she joined us online. "I want my jewellery to look like it was bashed out of a rock ... like ancient Egyptian or Mesopotamian jewellery;" she said. Here's a little video of what else transpired. And check out this groovey film by Matt Reed about Sofia's practice.


The Manifesto of Jewellery by Barbara Heath

"The history of jewellery is implicitly stated in each new piece. There is no NEW jewellery - there is only jewellery said in different voices." So states part of Barbara Heath's 1991 Manifesto. In it she asks; "Where is jewellery heading?" then answers: "Towards a closer relationship between the maker and the wearer....and the wearer and the body." "If a jewel is a communicator that communicates outward - it also communicates inward." The protective power of jewels is well known as is their healing properties. "Metal circling a finger, a neck...draws our attention to sites of meaning enabling us to recognise [...]


Skull Time

As we self-isolate and gaze into the existential void of a pandemic, we have decided to postpone the opening of Jewels To Die For and have gone online with it instead. Strangely, these pieces give us a powerful vision of our times. Skulls unearthed as if from the shifting sands of Planet Earth, act as portals into deep human time, reminding us of our fleeting moment of consciousness here. "Jeweller to the Lost", Barbara Heath, has made a jewel that honours the skull in an 18 ct gold ring enamelled to give it that mysterious patina of millennia. Her Skull Ring (pictured above) seems ready [...]


Jewels to Die For

From Shakespeare to Damien Hirst, the skull has held a special allure for creatives. Rock stars and Hip Hop artists love their bones too.  Worn as jewellery they symbolise our collective mortality, a reminder to live each moment to the full. We must be present to experience La Petite Mort, or "the little death", that suspended moment in ecstatic time after orgasm. In honour of the mysteries of sex and death, we've found some bewitching local artists who want to help us ponder the dark side in a new light. Their work aims to give us, if not that sublime moment [...]


The Cycle of Life in Jewels

We are so grateful for the drenching rains across large parts of our country. It's giving Mother Earth exactly what she needs to regenerate after the big dry. Seeds are sprouting and life is returning and our GenReGen jewellers are on the rise. Gabrielle McGrath from Bega says; "Regen to me means renewal and re-growth of our eco-systems. With the current climate crisis, bushfires raging across most of Australia and the savage drought, regeneration gives me a sense of potential, an assurance that there is hope." Her optimistic gumnut earrings (pictured) hold the promise of return. The humble gumnut is the [...]


Gen Re Gen – From Jan 30 2020

Gen Re-Gen showcases work by a generation of Australian jewellers exploring ideas of regeneration in their work. Some have had direct experience of the recent bushfires and subscribe to nothing less than the ability of their jewels to communicate healing narratives. Their pieces aim to empower wearers to become environmental protectors. Gabrielle McGrath from RedPeg eco studio near Bega sculpts her recycled silver into regenerative seed formations to be worn as earrings, rings and brooches.  “Australia continues to burn and so much flora and fauna are lost, but an extraordinary amount of our native seeds need fire to germinate. My pieces remind [...]


Wishing you the Joy of Jewels

Seasons greetings to all you lovers of joyful jewels! We've got new Christmas trading hours so that you can find that perfect gift: Monday - Friday 10am - 5pm Saturday 10am - 2pm We'll also be open on Christmas Eve until 5pm so come and be part of our jewellery journey.